Refiloe MrSoule Mnisi

26 years old, form Johannesburg. Artist in multiple forms, using multiple forms of media. Art from me is an expressive tool that crosses all walks of life. It’s able to penetrate into the deepest and highest echelons of society. It’s able to question and interrogate what people may fear or are misinformed about. It’s an ability to communicate across languages, ethnicity, beliefs and economies.
My art mostly represents the struggle of the soul of man and the flesh. I also make reference to the Divinity of humans, as much as the evil is present, humans are not all completely conquered by darkness.
I use colour to represent the multiple layers of being and the soul. Every painting and piece of art I make is always different and can tackle any issue from nuclear power to the African spirit.
I appreciate leaving my audience with an opportunity to also create their own narrative from my work, so I am able to also learn other perspectives and capture how other people perceive the world and themselves.