Kenichi Asano|浅野堅一

Born in Hiroshima. I am pursuing universality of photographic expression in works that asks the meaning of memory and the roots of human beings.I also take photos of artists such as musicians, dancers, and painters.Currently based in Hiroshima, I have been spreading fields of activity in Tokyo, NY, Paris, Daegu, etc.



I feel like that in historical monuments, VOID (empty, blank) exists in a different dimension from what is visible to the eye. This time, I made works for Ground Zero in New York which is related to and the Atomic bomb dome in Hiroshima where I was born and raised. The monuments that are supposed to have been built to convey history often become a mere skeptic in the light of recent conditions. The question is that the memory of that tragic experience is fading. What both of them have in common is that there is a citizen who suddenly fell victim to one day. The tragic experience should not be repeated and its memory should be remembered and passed on to future generations. I tried to paradoxically reveal its existence by visually blocking the monument, and to question the meaning of memory that should be inherited. It’s the extreme way you can’t see what it really should be, but I feel that way right now. While living in the present, my consciousness is toward the past and future, beyond time and space, and I will not stop asking questions.


Be human

Lost and Found