Hirofumi Yugen

鶏供養菩薩#北14,|Chickens Memorial Bosatsu #north14,2017
30×23×12(cm), 素材:KFCの骨、接着剤、KFCの箱|bones of KFC, glue, KFC box
写真:肥後亮祐|Ryosuke Higo

Hirofumi Yugen is an artist currently based in Hiroshima and the formal expression in his works is continuously concentrating on “food” as a fundamental human desire.
Yugen’s work is characterized by a form that gives a visual sensation, and includes elements embodying emotions such as fear and unease, while at first glance being pop art. In the KFC series, including the exhibit work “Chickens Memorial Bosatsu” (2017), the bones of KFC chicken that he first ate himself were washed cleanly and transformed into a miniature human skeleton, ironically reminding us on our role as consumers.